Govee LED Smart lights can save up to 44%

Govee is the brand of choice for multicolor lighting Settings. Whether you’re looking to add some personality to your space or create an immersive entertainment experience, the Govee Flow Plus Smart LED strip doesn’t disappoint.

By adding reaction lights to the back of your TV, you can make it feel bigger and more immersive. That way, when something happens on the screen, the light matches that color and floods the wall with it. The experience is cool, but often expensive to set up. The people at Govee offer a less costly way to do this

One eye-catching alternative has emerged on Amazon, called Govee. The company produces a large number of new smart LED products that compete directly with many more expensive Philips products. Today, there are eight types of Govee lights, including car interior lights, ambient-setting strings and eye-catching strips

Your Ultimate Home Lighting Solutions

Light up your bedroom, kitchen, and more with these color-changing smart bulbs. With automated timers, Alexa & Google Assistant control, and group sync, you can easily manage multiple bulbs.

Enjoy guiding lights that know where and when they are needed. Gone are the days of stubbing your toe at night, having dark display cabinets, struggling in poorly lit workspaces, and spending ages looking for the light switch.

Colorize Any Indoor Space

Transform your interior decor with high-quality indoor strip lights, LED bulbs, and smart table lamps that are sure to enliven your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and staircases.

A Smarter Home is a Better Life

Optimize your home security, temperature and humidity, and food quality with our home improvement products. We offer top-quality water leak sensors, meat thermometers, motion sensors, doorbells, and more!

For Cleaner Air & Better Health

Monitor the temperature and humidity in the places where it matters the most. For those wanting to optimize their living conditions, look no further than these thermo-hygrometers.

A New Visual Experience

Fully immerse in your video games, movies, or TV shows with our LED TV backlights and light bars. It’s time you reinvent your viewing experience with more color and less eye fatigue.

A Vibrant Outdoor Experience

If you desire to brighten up your backyards, outdoor parties, or cars, choose our vivid string lights, car lights, or strip lights to colorize all areas with ease.

Govee Car Lights

Our new RGBIC LED strip lights to produce bright, vibrant lighting with super-rich color. Add in a waterproof design and adjustable brightness, and the traditional means of car decoration and personalization have been well and truly left in the dust.

Automate Your Home Life

Manage your fans, coffee makers, and more with our voice-controlled Wi-Fi Smart Plugs. Creating your very own smart home just got a lot easier.

Your Brighter Life Awaits

Adding a smart, incredibly colorful table lamp to your living room or bedroom will instantly boost your mood during casual get-togethers or when trying to unwind after a long day.

Govee Smart Car Lights

  • Create your scene: choose from 7 scene modes to fit any occasion in your car. Whether returning from a long road trip or work in the evening, these scene modes were designed to transform the way you drive and the overall look of your car
  • Music mode: with a built-in sensitive microphone, your car lights can dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs. Enhance your driving experience with vivid and colorful lighting
  • Fun DIY mode: with access to 16 million colors, via the Govee Home app, you can create your very own light effects and apply them to your led interior lights. Use the smart color picking feature, and the app will recognize the colors in your favorite photos
  • 3 control methods: enjoy different features on the Govee Home app, like music modes and scene modes or easily power your car led lights on/off and adjust brightness with the control box or remote controller
  • 2 lines design: with 2 lines design, our car led strip lights can be installed quickly and used for various car models. They can also connect with 4 strip lights to provide your car with vibrant lighting

Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights

32.8ft Smart LED Strips Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, WiFi LED Lights App Control, Segmented DIY, Music Sync, Color Changing LED Lights for Bedroom, Party

Multi-Color RGBIC: Unlike RGB, show multiple colors on a single RGBIC LED strip light with IC chips. Set vibrant customized colors on a glossy-coated, 130lm/m smart RGBIC LED strip (brighter than 50lm/m standard RGB strips).
Wi-Fi App + Voice Control: Include both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for fast, stable connectivity and smart app control anywhere. Let LED lights for bedroom free your hands with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.
Vast Smart App Features: Connect with Govee Home App to explore powerful RGBIC LED strip light features. Find 16 million colors, DIY RGBIC lighting effects, animated scene modes, scheduling and group control, and community features.
Expanded Music Sync Modes: Let smart LED strips follow your audio via the high-sensitivity mic or your phone’s own mic. Choose from 11 different music effects, along with new DIY features for just the look and feel you want.
Animated Scene Effects: 64+ preset Scene Modes based on nature, emotions, holidays, and life. Dynamic flowing effects to your LED strip lights instantly change the vibe of your bedroom, living room, office, or Christmas decoration.
Note: Please wipe the surface well to make it clean and dry before intalling the LED strip lights. Hair, dust and other stuff may affect the stickiness of the tape. Also, please install claps near bends and turns to fix the LED lights.

Govee Glide RGBIC Smart Wall Light

Multicolor Customizable, Music Sync Home Decor LED Light Bar for Gaming and Streaming, with 40+ Dynamic Scenes, Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Customize Your Glide Shape: Connect the 7 interchangeable Glide Wall Light segments in any order you want for a wall light shape that’s truly your own style. And if you have more than one Glide set, group control them together in Govee Home App.
  • Breathtaking Multi-Color Lighting: Our patented RGBIC tech lets Glide Wall Light display up to 55 colors at one time and 16 million colors total, allowing for beautiful color combinations and flowing multi-color effects.
  • Reacts to Your Music: Glide Glide Wall Light can react in real time to any music & gaming audio with its built-in microphone and 12 vibrant music modes, so your gaming sessions and parties always stay lit.
  • Dynamic Light Effects: With more than 40+ dynamic scene modes to choose from, completely change your vibe with a single tap. Find multi-color moving scenes based on different emotions, nature elements, and life activities.
  • Powerful App and Voice Controls: Govee Home app provides powerful control and customization. When the time does come to keep both hands on the keyboard & mouse, use Alexa and other voice assistants to control Govee Glide hands-free.

Govee Outdoor String Lights

RGBWW 96ft (2 Ropes of 48ft) Smart LED Bulbs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Control, Patio Lights Work with Alexa , IP65 Waterproof, 40 Scene Modes, Dimmable for Garden

  • Smart App and Voice Controls with Alexa: Independently control the color of 2 ropes of 48ft LED string light using Govee Home App for fantastic multicolor displays. Voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant for power on/off, brightness, and mode changes.
  • Million of Colors: With over 16million vivid color options and 40 Vibrant Scene Modes, your outdoor scenery will transform before your eyes. Have a favorite photo? Upload it, and the Govee Home will recognize and apply them to your WiFi light bulbs.
  • Music Sync Mode: Dance the night away as the string lights react in real time to your songs via the integrated mic. With Outdoor LED String Lights, don’t only hear your music, but live it with beautiful dynamic lighting.
  • Timer and Schedule: Incorporating your Alexa patio lights into your daily routine is now easier than ever. With modes like Wake up and Sleeping, you can set your smart wifi bulb to brighten until you wake up or gradually darken until you drift off to sleep.
  • IP65 Waterproof and Shatterproof: Enjoy year-round patio lights no matter the weather with IP65 waterproofing. The specially-designed plastic bulb material is also shatterproof to survive knocks and falls.

“This is amazing!

After receiving this LEDS yesterday I decided to install them a few hours later to try them out and let me tell you, this is the greatest thing I have never imagined to actually add in my car. Went to do Uber last night and people were loving it.

Daniel I Millan Cruz


i don’t have a cigarette lighter outside of my center console. i only have one and it’s in the center console so how would i install these in my car?

The length between plug and controller is 1.64ft, the length between controller to the Y joiner is 0.5ft. And the Y joiner to the left/right side 1st light strip distance is 2.78ft.
The left/right side 1st strip to 2nd strip distance is 5.9ft.
Each strip length is 22 cm.

Can I turn off the initial cycle of colors when starting my car? These flash to red then green, and then to my selected color. Not what we wanted.

It is unable to turn off the red- green- blue color cycle when you starting the car now.

Can these lights be set up to turn on when you open your car door?

The Car light can be turned on as the car powers on.

Other goovee lights have a way you can set when they turn on can you do the same with these ?

The colors are programmable. There is a custom selection that you can make your own. 

Are you able to control the brightness on these?

You can use the app or remote to control the brightness.

How many years warranty does this come with ?

The interior car light has 12 months warranty. 

Will there be a USB power option (as opposed to the cig lighter port) coming soon?

The car light strip only can be powered by cigarette lighter at present.

Are these waterproof i want to use them to light up my engine/grill

The interior car light is waterproof. 

Integration Speed

We know how challenging it can be to specify and source quality components. Our LED modules and engines have been engineered to be integration ready into your luminaries.

Trusted Reliability

Our products are engineered to Telcordia reliability standards, providing field reliability that 10-15x times higher than competing LED products.

Ready to get started?

Are you looking for custom LED lighting products? Gdwatches can help you choose from a wide range of products, or if you have niche products that you can’t find on the market, we can help you design your own custom LED lamps or bulbs. We have over 10 years of professional experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of LED products for professional applications. As your OEM partner GDWatches can handle; Design, prototyping and manufacturing as well as full-color packaging and door-to-door service. We pride ourselves on finding solutions for our customers.

We also have close relationships with printing and packaging companies and can assemble your new products into POP or clamshell packages.

This opens doors to your LED lighting creativity and knowledge when designing OEM products, and gives you the opportunity to choose from all aspects of new products, including but not limited to:

Voltage -12 v / 24V -120 v / 240V
LED luminous Angle
LED chip brand
Optical and lid options – matte/transparent
Color temperature
Custom wiring harness
Appearance of the color
Indoor or outdoor rating
Please contact GDWatches to discuss your OEM and private label LED requirements, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality solutions.

We strongly encourage you to get in touch with us. Please note that our private label and OEM designs are shipped directly to you from our LED factory located in China.

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